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An Efficient but Simplified Business Plan App

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Our Business Model Planner is designed to get you thinking, organized  and on your way to achieving your goals and objectives without overwhelming you.

7 Easy Steps

Having a business model, even a general one is key to ensuring you’re staying on track with your goals and objectives.  If you’ve never used a business model, think of it like a blue print for your business!

Our Seven Step program will go over your general company information, mission statements, goals, objectives in marketing, product and service marketing, and more!

During the planning phase you can save your progress by scrolling to the bottom of the page, don’t worry you can return at any time. Once you’ve completed all the steps you can come back and review, edit, or even submit your business plan to us so we can better access your situation to help grow your business.

Use our Business Model Planner app with our free Business Learning app and you’ll have a complete environment for focusing on your goals and objectives while implementing a sound business strategy.

Android Only

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The Best Business Practice?

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Empathy is really about acknowledging the emotions of others, being thoughtful and considerate of their feelings, and making decisions that take those feelings into consideration. http://dbembry.comempathy-leadership

The Bembry Business Design Studio Blog

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Private, patient and professional social media marketing consultation in the Los Angeles area

 Bembry Music – The Foundation

Founded in 1998 by David J. Bembry as a record label and launching pad for Smooth R&B Crooner, “Chivalry.” Today we are a multifaceted company that handles music artists, business solutions, web development, internet marketing and more.

Bembry Business Design Studio

Business Services and Solutions

Bembry Business Online is here for you more than ever! The Professional services offered here cover every aspect of building and operating a business online. Whether you have an existing business online or are a start-up, we’ll help you to find success online with state of the art technology and the latest in accepted practices related to creating and maintaining your presence online.

We’ll work side by side with you with total transparency regarding all activities on your behalf.

The main orientation of Bembry Business Online is in showing others how to get started with setting up an online business with an emphasis on affordable web and graphic design services, in addition to custom app development along with world class email marketing, social media marketing and more!

Free Consultation

·         We will evaluate your goals and make recommendations

·         We will explain in detail, the “how’s and why’s”

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