Don’t Underestimate Yourself “Tap into Your Inner Powers”



Like most entrepreneurs these days I’ve been at it quite a while and have found myself doing all of the tasks associated with doing business online at one time or another.

It’s amazing the skills and knowledge that you pick up along the way without even realizing it. The problem is that after a while you start to just get things done in order to get to the next task and while having all of these acquired skills, it’s not very often that you do your best with what you really know.

Recently I wanted some videos made for one of my businesses and like a lot of people these days I sometimes outsource work on Fiverr. Well after a few weeks of looking for something really eye catching it seems that there’s less to choose from over there these days and higher prices.

Then it occurred to me. I can do better than what I’m seeing myself! While I’ve never produced anything in Adobe After Effects, I understand the use of templates and know Adobe products well enough and so this was the answer. It took a week to look at and play with the software and figure out what to do and another week to produce 3 videos. I spent about $125 on new pics and got video clips from my Video Blocks account.

The result?




The point being, “don’t settle for inferior quality by forgetting to do your best and apply the skills and knowledge that you’ve acquired over time.” It’s hard to know what you know these days until you’re confronted with a specific problem. We lose track quite frankly in these multitasking times that we live in of what we’ve actually learned along the way.

It’s easy to ignore what you know in your gut when you adopt the frame of mind to just keep things moving along. Get in the trenches when you have to. Even if you’re still building and maybe not as successful as you’d wish to be yet doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re doing. Trust me. You’ve acquired many hidden skills so take time to tap into them now and then. Don’t lose sight of doing your absolute best as you know it to be in all regards.

Now if I could just find time to write a new piece of music my soul will be realigned with the universe! 😉

Best wishes in life, as well as with your endeavors whatever they might be!

David J Bembry


5 Old School Networking Moves Young Entrepreneurs Need To Bring Back


When it comes to meeting new people for business, there’s networking, and then there’s networking. As the italics would lead you to believe, the latter networking has style and swag, and nothing keeps things classier than old school moves that show others that online social media hasn’t destroyed your manners when it comes being social in the business world. Nothing is more baller than a young person who handles business like Warren Buffett, right? Here are five networking strategies that young entrepreneurs really need to bring back into style today.

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5 Facebook Settings to Change Now

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If you missed the news, Facebook was recently valued at $201.6 billion. That’s enough to slip it in at number 22 on the list of the largest companies in the world.

Most of that value comes from ads, and to attract advertisers, Facebook sells them your information. It also adds features that annoy you, but play well with the ad companies. If you hear people insisting Facebook doesn’t care about your privacy or experience, that’s why.

In defense of Facebook, some features are ones you’d actually want to use — click here to learn 10 of them. Plus, it does give you the option to tip the balance of privacy back in your favor, if you know where to look.

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The Best Business Practice?


Empathy is really about acknowledging the emotions of others, being thoughtful and considerate of their feelings, and making decisions that take those feelings into consideration. http://dbembry.comempathy-leadership

“I was just like you! I had no money when I started out and I wouldn’t have been able to afford this class either!” Good luck!

“I was just like you! I had no money when I started out and I wouldn’t have been able to afford this class either!” Good luck!

Worried Woman Wearing Glasses

That’s what you walk away with it seems with most marketing school free videos.

I’m sure that there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that know what I’m talking about. Some of these people are really good and you’d likely benefit tremendously from them. You find them. You watch the free videos. You believe in them. You honestly believe that if you trained under this person you could pull this off! Now you’re not entirely new at this. It’s been in the back of your mind the whole time. “Sure but how much?” The last one that I looked at that made me feel all of these things turned out to be an 8 week course for just over $2000 with a 4 part payment plan for $500+ a month. I’ve been blessed to be a part of the 99% real world and I can tell you that the 99% can’t afford to pay $500 a month for anything that’s not food or rent!

You may think at this point that there’s no happy ending here. You’d be wrong!

What these people are telling you is that they learned and figured it out on their own and now it’s become their business to teach you how but at a cost.

“They learned and figured it out on their own” that’s what you take away. All of these people have one thing in common. They need to teach you something for free that works! Do what they did! Get your information for free and piece it together in your mind as you go. Here’s the thing. Business online is very customized. You have to personalize and make your business “your own” so to speak for it to actually work.

The point? Life and learning are about perspective. Be positive and persevere and in time you can and will realize your dreams. It takes much more hard work than money to become successful.