It’s Not Just Business Anymore, It’s Personal

need-a-new-website1-e1409895557151The internet has changed the way business is conducted in a lot of ways but the most profound change I think is in just how personal it’s become. The key to getting customers and clients today is in letting people know why you do what you do. Consumers now look for a personal connection to businesses.

The message, the story, the big idea are all vital components of marketing campaigns and a brand’s voice is a key part of the effectiveness of advertising and marketing.

Modern communicators can become modern storytellers by doing 3 things:

  • Structure their communications as a story – create communications that have recognizable elements and phases
  • Put the story in context for the listener – this means understanding the listener and his or her world. Speak to the things they know (and possibly include the things that frighten them)
  • Make the listener the hero – tell stories that enable the listener to imagine themselves as the protagonist, and more importantly to imagine themselves being successful

The great joy about working and communicating in a digital age is that we have the tools to do all of these things well. Digital tools enable us to create stories based on insight from our data. They allow us to reach out into communities to develop that sense of shared experience that is such an important element of traditional story telling. And they allow us to personalize our tales to pull the listener into the heart of the subject.

It is about understanding who the audience is and finding the common connection between what a brand wants to say and what resonates with the listener.

Best of all, a business owner can express their honest views and feelings on a subject and be sure to connect with like minded people the world over. The way business is being conducted thanks to the internet and social media platforms we’re now embarking on an era where honest business will prevail and soon be the norm after decades of corruption and a lack of empathy.

David J. Bembry


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Brands Are Wasting Money on Facebook and Twitter

This is one of the type of articles that I love most. This is where you need to think and review for yourself. “Nothing applies to everyone when it comes to an online business and yet everything must be considered.”

Brands Are Wasting Money on Facebook and Twitter, Forrester Says
Marketers are increasingly turning to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to start “conversations” and “relationships” with consumers. According to research firm Forrester, they might be wasting their time and money doing so.

It’s Important To Take A Break!


“Being an entrepreneur today pretty much means that you work 24/7 from where ever on Earth you are!”

It’s just so and there’s not much you can do about it. Well all work and no play will drive you into depression!

I believe that it’s of vital importance to take regularly scheduled “vacations,” well almost. You will work from where ever you are if there’s an internet connection. Now this is the wonderful part! You can work from anywhere thanks to the Web. Appreciate the freedom of your newly created lifestyle and go somewhere that will inspire you even more.

I am fortunate that while I live in the US, I also have a home and family in Northern Italy so I spend time there at least 3 times a year. It’s a gorgeous landscape filled with mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes, dotted with small communities. I’ll be the first to admit that whenever I’m there it’s like stepping back into time and into a fairytale! A beautiful, green eyed Princess included! 😉

The point is that this allows me to work hard and fast for months at a time as I countdown to my next trip home. I just returned last night and I’m ready for the Holiday Marketing Season. Then I’ll return home to Italy for Christmas! Now I’m back home in Los Angeles surrounded by my kids and grand kids. Having your own kids today is very interesting to say the least. I got 5 and 10 or 11 grand kids! I lose track sometimes. With kids you’re constantly evaluating where they are in life and which way they should go. I wait, talk till I’m blue sometimes and watch for the clicks. It’s a wonderful thing when you know the light has finally come on! 🙂 Kids!!! Gotta love em! Besides, they’ll never really go away I’ve found.

“It’s not just business anymore, it’s personal!” Always be good to yourself and surround yourself with loved ones. It’s gotta be a lifestyle! 😉

Missing In Action?

LG2Nope! But even I feel like I’ve been away from my businesses because I’ve been deeply involved in another business launch with a client. This is the first time that I’ve found myself working hard and yet feeling guilty that I’m not promoting my businesses as much as usual. I must say it’s an odd feeling to know that the better business is for me, the more I’m away from my business, if that makes any sense.

As I lay on the bed at home here in Italy I’ve also realized the perceived downside of being able to work from anywhere in the world. I’m always at work! Now it may sound like I’m complaining but that’s hardly true. What I’ve realized is the blessing of working for ones self. Whether I’m here hanging out at Lake Garda or at home in Los Angeles at Manhattan Beach, I’m at peace even as my mind is racing about things to do. My life is full, complete and I’ve never been more content. So for those who may have noticed that I haven’t been as involved as usual, I’m still here and I’ll be publishing some new posts soon about what I’ve recently learned about developing and launching a new business while even starting with a simple landing page and a daily message!