New! How would you like to have an Amazon store integrated into your Facebook pages?

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seniorslifestyleFBad1200.jpgNew! How would you like to have an Amazon store integrated into your Facebook pages?


For 2017, a preparation checklist for su

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For 2017, a preparation checklist for superior presentations

3 Easy Ways to Learn Anything on Social

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3 Easy Ways to Learn Anything on Social Media for Free

Why the Best Companies Always Have the Best Customer Service

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I have never heard of anyone who has had a bad customer experience with Amazon, Apple, Costco, or Salesforce. The aforementioned companies are incredibly successful due, in large part, to a material focus on the customer experience. Not surprisingly, the stock market has handsomely rewarded these four companies over the past decade.

Amazon is so customer focused that it will literally send you a replacement for a lost package immediately without ever implying that the customer is at fault. The result is a consumer experience that is so optimal that Amazon is the only place where many consumers decide to shop online.

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Why Your Business Needs An App

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We live in a mobile, app world today and if you’re in business you need an app now like you once needed a .com address.  Thanks to new developments and techniques, you can now get very sophisticated apps made for well under $1000!

An app is the answer to multiple business needs.

With an app you have no need to worry about getting loyalty cards or coupons designed and printed; push notifications to customers who install your app letting them know about new offers means there’s no need to run a printed promotion campaign; by the same token you have no need to sit at your computer in your spare time and prepare and send emails or leaflets advertising your services.

With push notifications you will have instant communication with anyone who’s installed your app on their phone.

You will be able to, via a white label push notifications area, to log in and to send notices to your customers. Maybe you are running a special offer on a Thursday? Maybe you want to let the customer know about a new product or service that you’ve added? With push notifications you can update customers instantly with quite literally a push of a button. You can send them a notification and when the customer clicks on the notification they are navigated to wherever you want their attention to be drawn to. It’s a fantastic way to communicate with customers.

For most businesses, we can create a loyalty card program.                                                 Could your business make use of coupons?

Maybe you don’t have a brick and mortar business? Maybe you have an online e-commerce store? We can also build an app for that using your catalog on your store and turn it into a mobile app.

It took a lot of companies a long time to start getting websites and building an online presence. Those who did it first ended up making the most money. It’s the exact same with apps and local businesses. A few years down the line nearly all small businesses will have mobile apps.

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