R&B, Hip Hop, Rap and Smooth Jazz

Bringing The Very Best in Independent Music Online!

Originality in music is the cornerstone upon which The Bembry Entertainment Group is built. At the heart of Bembry Music are simply a single Dad and his sons. Each individual artist who just do what they do. First we have David J. Bembry whos’ celebrating over 14 years online as R&B Crooner, “Chivalry.” Then there’s David Jr. known by fans as Hip Hop artist, “Jerome Junior.” Micheal J. Bembry, aka M.I.C.C., an accomplished writer and Hip Hop, R&B artists  and the most exuberant of the clan, Larry L. Bembry known as Hip Hop’s “Fitted Kiid”. has all the energy and confidence of today’s youth and inspires us older members consistently.  Last but not least, there’s John, now known as “Steeze” who’s currently studying music production. Ah but there’s one more! “Pakmane!”

2014 All Rights Reserved. DJ Bembry Music Publishing / BMI



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