Who Is Your Ideal Client?


As a marketer and strategist you’ll find yourself working with all sorts of people and personalities, but who is it that you’re most comfortable working with and why? Defining this target group will determine how stressful or enjoyable your work is overall. Target marketing today is a thing to behold! You can define and zero in on your audience with unbelievable precision.

If you’re just building your audience then you really should give extra attention to the tools that are readily available to you and I would recommend Facebook targeting capabilities as a starting point for any new business online and even existing businesses. Facebook’s resources are invaluable especially to those do it yourselfers that really want to learn the ins and outs of marketing online from a very direct and intelligent perspective. Learn it and you’ll gain a very firm understanding of online marketing.

As for me, I like working with retirees. They tend to have a sense of patience and wisdom that sets me at ease. I think it’s because I grew up surrounded by family that went back as far as 1865. Not only do I always seem to learn something from them but they always inspire me to do my best. In short, they make me a better person in that I inherently get a sense of honor and integrity from older professionals and it reminds me of the standards that were instilled in me as a child. It feels good! J When I see their satisfaction with my work I feel a pride that’s indescribable!

David J. Bembry


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