Bembry Entertainment 2014

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Another year has begun and we’re off to a fast start! For the last year and a half we’ve focused our attention on Bembry Business Design Studio and digital media marketing here on the blog so we thought we’d remind you of ,”the other side!” 😉

Boy Toy Casual Wear & Gifts

That’s right we’re back with new designs and a presence that extends across some of the mainstream social platforms now. We’ve cut out some nice little hangouts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Join us today and let go of your inhibitions for just a while!  TwitterPinterestFacebook

Next, where it all began! The Music! Originality in

R&B, Hip Hop & Rap!                                                              Bringing The Very Best in Independent Music Online!

Originality in music is the cornerstone upon which The Bembry Entertainment Group is built.  At the heart of Bembry Music are simply a single Dad and his sons. Each individual artist who just do what they do! We’ve just released a “Best Of” CD if you will, to remind everyone of how we do it as we prepare for Summer. Featured on the CD are MICC’s brand new release, “Gonna Need Those Lights” and Chivalry’s international 2013 hit, “Remember.”

Featuring all of our artists! Fitted Kiid, MICC, Steeze, PakMane, Jerome Jr, and even Chivalry! Join us at Bembry MusicLike Us on Facebook Follow Us onTwitter


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