Time for Change. Again!

Spring is in the air and it’s that time when life seems to start anew!

Every so many years business, technology and software take a turn towards a new future with new standards for design, development, implementation, management and marketing. Well, this is the year! I’ve had 4 years of stress free working with what I have and know but as all of my fellow entrepreneurs know, that won’t be good enough anymore. It’s a new world. Again!
I’ve started updating my skills primarily with Adobe and Microsoft Solutions since they are the products that I’ve always favored and used. “My God!” To actually understand even a handful of these technologies and be able to implement them efficiently would give one a feeling of being an Internet Business God! It’s all fresh information and “know how” that could even be leveraged into a new and very valuable business by itself!
Now before we get too excited I need to point out that this won’t be easy. Honestly, for me I feel like I’m in the fight of my life after having been here online for over 15 years. Learning and re-learning. Raising kids for the last 30 years and as a single parent for the last 13. You’d better believe I’m tired and ready to drop. I’ll have to study steadily for at least 2 years to be that proficient with this new stuff. I’m 2 months in! : ) I have more books due tomorrow! Soon I’ll know how to develop and send apps to market. Today? Well I know what apps are. LOL I love knowing things first hand. You could say that’s my addiction in life.
What keeps me going? Well it’s not profits that’s for sure. Adventure! Life for me as it’s turned out is not about wealth but chasing dreams with a glad heart, high in spirit and faith and just pride in knowing that I’m giving things my best shot. It’s all I have and in most cases it won’t be enough. That’s just how it is. We can’t all be good at everything just because we wish it but we give life to dreams. When we’re working on them, we’re living them and that’s what it’s all about. Some of us may find riches beyond belief. Others may manage to earn a decent living if they’re lucky and others still will fold and walk away from it all but no one has failed. It takes a special breed to even take the risks and make the sacrifices to be an entrepreneur and actually give any idea an organized effort.
Look for the treasures along the way during your journeys through life my friends. They are in abundance and they are your true path in this life. How often do things really turn out like we thought? Life is full of surprises. My efforts online have led to me finding the love of my life in Italy. I have a home and family waiting for me there just as soon as I finish getting my boys through college and on their way in life here in the US. I never in a million years saw this coming! Just keep doing what you do and be ready. You never know what’s right around the corner! I treasure being a business owner but lately I’ve realized that I might make a better consultant. I’m good at knowing how but I’ve never had the personnel or funds to implement what I know. I’ve tried but it’s too much for one person realistically. Now this may seem like giving up to some but it’s not. In 1999 I was so far ahead that people were seeking me out for advice on how to do things online and I can proudly say that I saved a few from the dot com crash. One representative contacted me and informed me that his clients had $36 million to invest in advertising. I asked him why he came to me and he said it was because he saw me everywhere online so much that he felt like he knew me. I asked him if he had any idea of how much I was spending online and of course he had no idea. I explained to him that my costs were less than $100 a month and that the internet didn’t work like that where you could just pour money into it and he and his investors ended up pulling back. I missed the sign to begin with as it turns out and in truth, I enjoy explaining things to others more than anything else. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a good idea to always re-evaluate your position. You may excel in areas that you don’t realize and financial success may be down a path that you didn’t foresee. Read the signs along the way during your journey in life and be ready to make some turns. It seems I’ve come full circle! I could very well end up speaking Italian fluently and working with companies over there!
Best of luck and best wishes to all!
David J. Bembry


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